ChurchSurfer is born!

More to come…please come back again soon!

ChurchSurfer will begin as a blog, and hopefully by the grace of God will progress into something much more (I have a vision :))

4 thoughts on “ChurchSurfer is born!”

  1. I am a member of Flattop Independent Church. I read about you in the paper. We had 13 kids saved last night at VACATION bible SCHOOL. We usually run about 115 to 120 on Sun morning. Visit us if you like. We are on flattop mountain, between Soddy Daisy and Dunlap. God is working in our Church.

    1. That sounds awesome Rick! I love hearing about young people who are getting saved and on fire for the Lord! I obviously come to churches unannounced so that I can experience them as a normal visitor, so I can’t commit but will definitely keep Flattop Independent Church in mind for a future visit. Thanks for the comment…peace & blessings in Christ!

  2. Hi Josh:
    Today’s article in the CTFP was a great read. Thank you for sharing your experiences. I find it refreshing that you did not do this blog to “critique” churches, but rather share your family’s experience with churches and God’s love.
    My husband is the pastor of Dunlap United Methodist Church ( The things you discussed in your article are those exact things that are constantly on our minds…How do we reach people outside of the church? How can we love people who enter the church better?
    I am sharing both the article and your blog on my FB page with my other pastor friends.
    I hope you have a wonderful weekend.
    Many Blessings

    1. Thanks so much Corrina! Hopefully Dunlap UMC is blessed with a loving and caring church family who will take it upon themselves to welcome new visitors and to shine God’s light out in the world around them. Peace & blessings in Christ!

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